I am a new fiverr seller. How do I get noticed to buyers?
If you have registered as a seller and waiting for your first sell. You are not alone! There are approximately 2.3 million sellers on fiverr. Two criteria's that buyers verifies before ordering a gig is the seller's rating and the number of reviews. A seller with more than 50 reviews has 90% more probabilty of getting a sale. If you are starting from ZERO then it makes it very difficult proposition to even get noticed. So start getting your first reviews so that you get noticed by buyers. The more reviews you have the better and eventually you can you increase your gig price.
I am a fiverr seller. How can reviewxchange help me?
ReviewXchange helps connect sellers to exchange reviews with each other. You buy & review other sellers gig and so does he. It's a win-win proposition for both!
How do I get my reviewer?
ReviewXchange uses an AI based algorithm to helps identify your right reviwer and automatically maps it to your request .
How can I do this anonymously and also make sure that the reviewer is who he claims to be?
ReviewXchange keeps your data anonymous. As soon as a reviewer is assigned to you, our system assigns random security questions to you and your reviewer. You or your reviewer can confirm this from his or your buyer account by asking these simple questions. Once you are sure about this, you can go ahead and make a purchase. Our platform also gives a secure communication channel for you and your reviewer to communicate regarding every stage of each other's gig.
What else can I exchange on ReviewXchange?
Other than fiverr, we support blog exchange as well.
Does ReviewXchange take responsibility of money spent on my reviewers gig?
No, ReviewXchange does not take any liability on the money spent on reviewers gig. Instead we provide a platform for you to validate that the reviewer is not bogus.
What payment types are supported for buying credits?
As it stands today, we support paypal and razopay payment gateway.
Does my ReviewXChange credits have any expiry?
No, your ReviewXchange credits does not have any expiry.